Our Mission

To reach out and guide the Jewish leaders of tomorrow; to inspire Jewish youth no matter their level of observance by connecting them to their profound and rich heritage.

About Us

Aish Hatorah South Africa, operating in Johannesburg out of its centre in Sandringham is led by our dynamic team of young, charismatic rabbis. Using cutting-edge, educational tools developed by Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem as a guide, we excite and inspire over 400 students in weekly classes. We also take students on exhilarating trips to Israel where they explore their roots and tradition in the best possible way, up-front, live and interactive. Getting personally involved with the Jewish youth of South Africa and assisting them in directing their lives is what we at Aish are all about.


Our Students

Bright, unaffiliated high school students and young professionals, from 18 years old and up, who have yet to experience the excitement, depth and relevance found in Jewish wisdom and tradition.

What We Offer

  • Young leadership development, life coaching and values training
  • Daily opportunities for personalized learning and counselling
  • Exciting social events for singles and young professionals
  • Inspiring weekend retreats/seminars
  • Unique presentations to high school students at the King David Schools
  • Intriguing courses exploring the relevance of Judaism to contemporary life
  • Eye-opening tours to Israel for growing young Jewish mothers
  • International guest speakers
  • An amazing ‘Fellowships Israel Tour’
  • Vibrant community synagogue for singles/young marrieds, including services for children
  • Fascinating explanatory programs on the Jewish holiday