Rabbi Kauffman

Rabbi Gedalia Kauffman was born in the “Mile-High City” of Denver, Colorado where as soon as he learned to walk, his Dad stuck him in a pair of snow skis. Leaving behind the snow-peaked Rocky Mountains of his youth, Rabbi Kauffman’s family eventually moved to New York where he spent his teenage years.  He then left home for Boston to get his university degree in Middle Eastern History.  Rabbi Kauffman then went on a journey that led him to Jerusalem, but only after he had spent three years travelling Southeast Asia.


It was in Jerusalem that Rabbi Kauffman met his South African wife, Mandi. He spent the next nine years learning at various yeshivas including Aish Hatorah. In 2005, Rabbi Kauffman received his rabbinical ordination. Shortly after, he was lured to Johannesburg by Aish SA with promises of a maid and a swimming pool. Now, when he is not busy enjoying his freshly-ironed socks and summer afternoons by the pool, he teaches personalized and large classes to post-varsity students and young marrieds. The Kauffmans and their children now live around the corner from the Aish shul. Rabbi Kauffman enjoys his work at Aish and feels honored to teach people “about life, meaning and growth.”