Rabbi Pilatowsky

Mexican-born Rabbi Roziel Pilatowsky was searching for meaning in his life when an Aish Jerusalem Rabbi visited his hometown of Mexico City. Intrigued from the start, Rabbi Pilatowsky was eager to explore his Judaism. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Software and Computer Engineering, he happily journeyed to Israel where he earned his Master’s Degree in Talmud from Aish Hatorah.


After studying in Jerusalem for several years, Rabbi Pilatowsky met his wife-to-be, Karen Ziskin (Rabbi Ziskin’s sister).  After two years of marriage, the Pilatowskys left Israel for Brazil, where they opened an outreach center. They later returned to Rabbi Pilatowsky’s hometown, where they founded Aish Mexico, a vibrant community that continues to flourish. In January 2011, the Pilatowskys and their three charming children joined their cousins (the Ziskins) in Johannesburg to work for Aish SA. Rabbi Pilatowsky teaches a variety of subjects including Talmud, Personal Growth, Kabbalah and Jewish Philosophy. His wife Karen coordinates many events for the community and also teaches a number of subjects. The Pilatowskys add a certain Mexican flavor to our Aish community, which wouldn’t be the same without them.


Interesting fact about Rabbi Pilatowsky: He is a drummer and an Israeli folk dancer!

Alternative career choice: Computer Engineer or Software Developer