Rabbi Karpes

Pretoria-bred Rabbi Shlomo Karpes had no idea that when a friend invited him to attend a class at Aish, his life was about to change. Through his growing involvement in Aish SA, Rabbi Karpes ventured on the famous “Fellowships Tour” to Israel – and he hasn’t looked back since. After the tour, Rabbi Karpes decided to stay in Israel and learn at yeshiva. Rabbi Karpes spent three years at Aish Jerusalem and then another three years at Ohr Avraham. While learning in Jerusalem, Rabbi Karpes met his wife Gabi. Newly-married, Rabbi Karpes searched for a job and Rabbi Willis, of Aish SA, offered him one. Rabbi Karpes now keeps a busy schedule at Aish by teaching high school and varsity students, giving personalized lessons and fundraising. Rebbetzin Gabi Karpes teaches marriage preparation classes for brides-to-be, that is when she’s not busy cooking delicious shabbos meals or nurturing their five adorable children.


Interesting fact about Rabbi Karpes: He was a competitive equestrian show jumper for 16 years!

Alternative career choice: Businessman